From development, testing and regulatory compliance to the highest quality production standards and effective marketing communication, our Janssen PMP specialists around the world and state-of-the-art research facility are dedicated to supporting the successful development of your SANAFOR®-containing products.


Offering exceptional customer service, our state-of-the-art research facility at Janssen Pharmaceutica is dedicated to support the successful development of your SANAFOR®-containing products. By testing their antimicrobial performance according to international standard test methods and evaluating the dispersion efficiency, we can help you to optimize the dose rate.

  • Antimicrobial testing
    • ISO 22196
    • ISO 16869
    • JIS Z 2801
    • ASTM E 2180
    • ASTM G21
    • AATCC 30.2013
    • Others on demand
  • Chemical testing
    • Dose rate
    • Uniformity of dispersion
    • Migration to water or food simulants


With the ever increasing complexity in our regulatory landscape and today’s expanding global business model, the need for a clear understanding of both local and global regulations is becoming critical. Our regulatory specialists worldwide will assist you through this complex labyrinth and help you ensure compliance.

We can assist you with:

  • Global and regional compliance, e.g. EU-BPR, EU-REACH, US-EPA, US-FDA
  • Advise on marketing language
  • Specific local approvals to ensure compliance of your products


The SANAFOR® brand represents quality, performance and compliancy, giving you and your customers the utmost level of confidence to meet the high expectations that come with the growing consumer demand for hygiene (visible and invisible) and protection. With SANAFOR® co-branding, you can differentiate and add value to your products while clearly communicating the hygiene benefit to consumers.

Branding benefits of SANAFOR® include:

  • The use of the SANAFOR® logo on products and marketing tools
  • Clear and effective communication tools for your customers
  • Differentiation of your product, which leads to business success
  • Data generation to support specific customer requirements