The SANAFOR® antimicrobial technology has been specifically designed for incorporation into plastic products, including injection molded articles, extruded films and profiles, textiles and foams. This provides your product with built-in antimicrobial protection against a wide variety of microorganisms.


Unlike many other antimicrobial products, such as silver-based technologies, SANAFOR® offers broad antimicrobial protection. With SANAFOR® built into your products, an excellent protection against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae can be assured.

SANAFOR® is active against:

  • Gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Enterococcus spp.
  • Gram-negative bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., Pseudomonas spp., Legionella spp.
  • Fungi and molds, including Aspergillus spp., Alternaria spp., Penicillium spp., Cladosporium spp.
  • Yeasts, including Candida spp., Cryptococcus spp., Zygosaccharomyces spp.
  • Algae, including Anabaena spp., Chlamydomonas spp., Chlorella spp.


SANAFOR® brings added value to your products and your customers at a very reasonable cost. This makes it an acceptable option to differentiate your products with antimicrobial technology.

  • Superior price/performance compared to silver technologies
  • Acceptable treatment cost for significant added value


Safety and convenience for those handling our products is a key consideration in all of our developments. SANAFOR® products are designed to maximize the antimicrobial performance and have virtually no impact on the other characteristics of your products.

  • Masterbatch (spherical pellets) for convenient addition to your product
  • Dust-free delivery forms to minimize worker exposure to small antimicrobial particles
  • Specifically designed for introduction in injection molding, film and profile extrusion, textiles or foams
  • The right product for your application:
    • Polyolefins and polyolefin copolymers: e.g., LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, CPP, HPP, TPO, EVA
    • Styrene-based polymers: e.g., HIPS, GPPS, ABS, SAN, SBS, MABS, ASA
    • Polyamide: e.g., PA6; PA6,6; PA6,10; PA6,12
    • Others: e.g., PET, PBT, PC, PVC


One of the most important aspects of introducing an antimicrobial technology is to make sure it remains active over a long period of time. Once SANAFOR® is introduced, the promised protection will last for the entire service life of your products.

  • Durable protection of your products for entire service life
  • Very low leaching into water due to low solubility


Antimicrobial products like SANAFOR® are subject to strict and complex legislations. We consider it our responsibility to guarantee compliance of our products worldwide.

  • Europe
    • National registrations of masterbatch in many countries (non-food)
    • Biocidal Products Regulation: Product Types 2 (hygiene) and 9 (preservation) in preparation
  • United States of America
    • EPA-registered antimicrobial technology and masterbatch
    • FDA-approved antimicrobial technology for repeated-use food contact materials
  • Rest of the world
    • Case-by-case evaluation of local requirements