As the world population increases and an estimated one-third of all food on the planet is wasted before consumption, at a value of billions of dollars, it's increasingly important to prevent unnecessary food waste and produce food under the most stringent hygiene conditions. Whether it is in large food processing areas, in the catering industry or in your kitchen at home, hygiene of food contact surfaces is of utmost importance to everyone.

Micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi are all around us, and our domestic food contact surfaces (e.g., food storage containers, kitchen utensils, appliances, cutlery) are continuously challenged by these organisms.

When freshly manufactured and sold to customers, product surfaces are smooth and clean. However, when used on a regular basis, products experience wear, scratches and cuts. Once bacteria and fungi establish themselves on such surfaces, they are difficult to remove and may even survive the harsh conditions of detergent or dishwasher cleaning. When such food contact materials are used again, those remaining organisms may migrate from the material surface to the food which is in or on your product.

In order to limit such microbial growth on your product’s surfaces or even to avoid a potential food contamination, SANAFOR® antimicrobial technology can be embedded in your plastic product (e.g., cutting board, conveyor belt, kitchen utensil, storage container) to provide built-in protection against micro-organisms.

SANAFOR® has regulatory (FDA) approvals for the preservation of repeated-use food contact materials.
SANAFOR® offers a safe and affordable way to effectively control the growth of micro-organisms, adding value to your end products and giving peace of mind, for you and your customers.