Increasingly, hygiene and health play crucial roles in all aspects of our daily lives. From the moment we wake up, we expect cleanliness in the bathroom and kitchen. When traveling to work, we expect our cars and public transport to be safe and clean. In our free time, we demand high standards of hygiene in hotels, restaurants and fitness centers. And when we or our loved ones are in a healthcare facility, we rely upon quality care and a hygienic environment.

However, even despite good intentions and proper cleaning procedures, people worldwide are still confronted with micro-organisms and too often have to pay a high price for this with their health.

Micro-organisms can grow and reproduce on most surfaces, causing odors, discoloration, diminished mechanical properties and other problems. In response, SANAFOR® provides a safe, affordable, effective and globally approved technology that can help protect your plastic products against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae.

Adding SANAFOR® to your products not only provides protection against a wide range of micro-organisms, it also increases their value and aligns those products with the public’s quest for hygiene. By branding your products with SANAFOR®, consumers will recognize the presence of antimicrobial protection and will appreciate the feeling of cleanliness and well-being.